Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Two years old...what a little beauty.
Meeting Calvin for the first time.

Calvin moments after birth.

Shane cuddling Georgia in the recovery room.

Georgia moments after her birth.

Has it really been two years? I can hardly believe it because it seems like it was only yesterday you both came into my life. It was a day filled with indescribable joy and yet today is bittersweet. Happy Birthday Calvin and Georgia and thank you for giving me one of the best days of my life...


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Calvin...lots of hugs to your mommy.

  2. beautiful post. Happy Birthday Georgia and Calvin. Calvin, your momma is always missing you, honoring, and remembering you, and today, like all other days, we remember with her. Always in my heart xx.

  3. Happy birthday dear Georgia, you are so precious. Happy birthday Calvin.
    Thinking of you Margaret *Hugs*

  4. Happy Birthday, Georgia and Calvin. <3


  5. Happy Birthday beautiful babies!

  6. What beautiful children, Margaret.

    Happy birthday to you gorgeous twins.

  7. I'm sorry this is late getting to you, Margaret. I made your Calvin a birthday cupcake at (my) Calvin's Cupcakes. Your babies are so beautiful.

    Belated happy birthday to Georgia and Calvin.


  8. Happy belated birthday to two beautiful children. Thinking of all of you these days.

  9. Happy Birthday, Calvin & Georgia. Calvin, you are so loved and missed.

  10. I am not even sure how I came across your blog but I am so glad that I did. I had triplets three years ago and we lost one of our daughters. I know too well the bittersweet feeling of birthdays. I'm sorry I am late but wanted to wish Calvin and Georgia a happy belated birthday.