Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glad Tidings....

It is with joy that I send my heartfelt congratulations to Lea at Nicholas' Touch for the safe, early arrival of Madison Nichole born December 17, 2009. Upon receiving Lea's announcement of Madison's birth, I found myself weeping tears of joy, relief and happiness for her and her family. It's so hard sometimes to hang onto your faith in God when you lose a child, so hard to believe things will ever go right for you again. Although I never doubted that Madison would arrive safely, I wanted with all my heart for things to be okay for Lea. I admit I was scared for her. After watching Mirne and Craig go through the pain of losing Jett I realized that sometimes even the "rainbow" can be lost. Madison's safe birth I'm sure brings a collective sigh of relief for all of us who were following Lea's pregnancy, waiting expectantly for Madison and hoping with all of our hearts that she would arrive safe and sound in good health. She is simply precious and I am so happy for my friend and her beautiful miracle.

It is also with a feeling of joy in my heart that I share this next picture with you. It's Calvin's name, lovingly written in the stars by Amanda

I thought it was simply beautiful and gave me the most wonderful feeling of peace when I saw it. Amanda's daughter Ireland was the first name I saw written and was overwhelmed with the beauty of it. I can't get over how wonderful the mama's are in what they do to provide comfort and love to those of us missing our beautiful babies. Thank you so much Amanda.

On another note, I received my "Stolen Moments" wrap from Karen at Busy Hands and it is everybit as beautiful as I thought it would be. When my camera battery is charged, I will take a picture and post it here for all to see. Thank you so much Karen, your talent is amazing. Thank you also to Jenny and Karen for their offers to assist me in locating my friend J's will, I will be contacting you later today or early tomorrow. As much as we have all suffered and been hurt by the loss of our children, the love and support we get from each other works miracles in our healing. God Bless each and every one of you this holiday season. May you all find your reasons to feel joy, peace and acceptance in your hearts this Christmas. I love you all....


  1. So happy for Lea! Madison is beautiful.

    I love Calvin's name in the stars. What a wonderful thing for Amanda to do.

  2. Oh Margaret - you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for your kind words. For your support. For your unconditional love... I truly couldn't have made it through this phase of our journey without you.

    Calvin's name in the stars is just stunning!

  3. This is beautiful. I love his name in the stars. And I love that little Madison arrived safely. You are right, it is so encouraging to see a loss mama with a healthy newborn baby...
    To answer the question you asked on Once a Mother, I just added an Email Subscription widget to my sidebar today, so you should be able to follow me now if you'd like. Thanks for asking. :)

  4. Amanda's pictures in the stars are so very neat. I loved Carleigh's that she did. And I'm so happy for Lea!