Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Fire, Getting Ready for Possible Evacuation

We just got a call from Shane's mom who heard that the mountain directly behind our house is on fire. We've had lightening all morning and very little rain. Fires are springing up everywhere. There is a new fire in the town of Naramata about fifteen minutes away from us and one in Summerland where Shane's parents live. I'm getting scared. Shane has driven off to find out if it is indeed true and I'm packing up our photo albums and precious mementos. More later....

Update: The lightening storm has seemed to have passed for now, and it looks like things are okay here. I do feel better though having packed up our precious mementos like our baby books, photo albums and some of Calvin's things. That way if we do end up having to get out, it's all ready. I don't think I'll feel at ease until the fire season is over or until we get a large quanity of rain. There are still fires in the valley but none are threatening our home thank God. I will say, when we got the call that Munson Mountain was on fire, we were both thrown into panic mode. Now that we know there is no fire on our hill and that we're ready if need be, I'm not nearly as worried as I was this afternoon. Thanks all for the wishes...Hugging you all!!!


  1. Stay safe. I am thinking of you. Just get the hell out of there. (Sorry, but I was only 20 kilometers from the big bush fires here in Australia in February, and they were just terrifying).

  2. Stay safe, Margaret. I've been watching and it's terrifying. Thinking of you.

  3. Oh goodness, how scary. I'm doing the rain dance right now..
    Love you, please be safe.