Friday, September 11, 2009

Honest Scrap

Leila's mommy at Life After Leila has nominated me for the honest scrap award. Thank you so much! Here are the seven blogs I find brilliant in content and design:

1. Jesse at Truncus Arteriosus

2. Stephanie at The Nie Nie Dialogues

3. Molly at The Unlucky Lottery

4. Holli at Living Without Brenna

5. Heather at It Only Hurts When I Breathe

6. Trisha at Looking For Blue Sky

7. Shannon at A Memory in My Heart

Before I carry on with the ten random facts about me, I would like to mention that Shannon at A Memory in My Heart has suffered another devastating loss. Please follow the link above and visit her blog to offer her some love.

10 Random Facts About Me

1. I have struggled with my weight all my life. After my first husband and I separated I lost over a hundred pounds going from a size 24 to a size 12. During my pregnancy with Lorelei I gained over seventy pounds of which I still had thirty to lose when I got pregnant with Calvin and Georgia. I gained eighty one pounds with my pregnancy with the twins, of which I lost sixty in the first fifteen days following their births and Calvin's death. My goal is to lose another forty pounds to get back to my wedding day weight.

2. I have trouble forgiving and saying sorry. I have struggled with this character defect of mine for years. I don't forgive easily and have gone as far as to cut people out of my life completely when they hurt me. I'm not proud of this, in fact, it's one of the things I dislike about myself the most. I spent over ten years not speaking to my dad and haven't spoken to a cousin for six years. It often leaves me lonely and regretful but I also struggle with admitting when I'm wrong and saying sorry. It's something I desperately wish to change about myself especially because I know that not being able to forgive will hurt my marriage, something that means the world to me.

3. I bought my first wig ever a month ago in hopes of spicing things up in my life in general. I actually wore it out clubbing when Shane and I went to Vancouver and enjoyed feeling different about myself. He enjoyed it because it was completely out of character for me. Change can be good!

4. I am terrified of bugs and rodents, two things I seem to have in abundance in this old country house of ours. For some reason this house has the biggest spiders I have ever laid eyes on and no matter how many traps we set or poison we put down in the basement, we never seem to completely get rid of all the mice. I hate them both with a passion. I once killed a mouse with my broom. I was so scared I peed my pants and hollered so loud I woke Lorelei up.

5. I think my children are the most beautiful kids in the world and sometimes think I don't show them enough appreciation.

6. Shane and I met at a party after I had been stood up on a date. I had known in the back of my head that day that for some reason Brad (the guy that asked me out) wasn't going to show up. I asked my wonderful friend Ginger to hang out at my house until Brad showed up and if he stood me up, I would give him half an hours grace and then her and I would go out. He never showed and Ginger and I ended up at a party. I met Shane who ironically lived on my street at the time. Four days later we had our first date and within a couple of weeks we were living together. I knew from day one that he was the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I love him more than anything even though we have struggled through so much during our marriage.

7. I worship the doctors that cared for Calvin. I wish with my whole heart that I had enough in me to do a job like they do. The world is so much better because of these two extraordinary men. Dr. S and Dr. C I love you always!

8. I love diamonds. I have more jewelery than I really need but I'm always looking for more.

9. A man once randomly bought me a rose on the streets and told me I was beautiful. I was very overweight at the time so my self esteem wasn't the greatest. His act of kindness has stayed with me for seventeen years now.

10. My husband made me so proud of him once by giving an old woman who was begging in the rain on the streets of Vancouver twenty dollars. He went back to talk to her and asked her to please get out of the rain and go somewhere to get warm. It melted my heart and made me tear up with his compassion and kind heart.

So, there they are. Ten random facts about me. For the people I have tagged, please post your seven blogs and the links to them. Leave a comment on the blog of the people you have tagged, letting them know they have been nominated. Then post your ten random facts. Thanks again so much for nominating me Leila's mommy!!!