Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Tragic Garden

We've been going to the cemetery alot, Lorelei and I. Most of the time it's been just a quick drive through to see if Calvin's marker has been laid or not. And no, it hasn't as of today. A couple of days ago Lorelei and I were on our way home and I told her that I wanted to drive by and see if Calvin's marker was in yet. As we pulled into the cemetery, I turned the music down. Lorelei asked me why we were turning the music down and I told her it was out of respect for the people who lay there and the people who were visiting them. I explained that everyone in the cemetery was somebody's loved one at some time and that to honour their memories, we kept it a quiet and peaceful place. Lorelei was quiet for a moment and then said to me, "Mom, I don't like this tragic garden". "Why not honey?", I asked her. "Because it makes you cry", came the answer. "This place doesn't make me cry Lorelei, I cry because I miss your brother so much." She sat silently in the back for awhile and then said, "I miss Calvin too Mommy, but I still don't like this tragic garden." I smiled and told her that was okay, she didn't have to like it there but it was where her brother's body lay. On the way home the words tragic garden kept repeating themselves over and over again in my head. Yes, the cemetery is a tragic garden, full of sorrow and love and lives turned to stone. So pretty and so painful. All the flowers for people who can no longer enjoy them, full of people who visit probably more often now than they did when their loved one was alive. I haven't bought Calvin flowers for a couple of months, I've been waiting until his marker is set, but I think now I'll buy my daughter some flowers too.


  1. How very sweet your Lorelei is. I think she will love the flowers you give to her. I often give my Emma one of the flowers from the bouquets I take to my girls so she can feel special too and be connected to her sisters. xx

  2. I bought Evelyn flowers for the first time a while ago. She was absolutely thrilled, wanted them in her bedroom, so she could look at them and think about me.

  3. What a beautiful post....a beautiful little girl with a very wise soul. Hugs xx

  4. Our living children are certainly wise beyond their years... they have had to learn such difficult life lessons so early on. Lorelei sounds like a very special little girl. The flowers sound beautiful.


  5. hi, i nominated you for the honest scrap award, check out my blog to get details.