Friday, April 10, 2009

With Love

I have had so many responses to my post about Crime and Punishment in the last couple of days. Some have been in the form of comments on my blog, others via email. I feel compelled to let those of you who read my blog know just how much your emails and comments have meant to me. I'm grateful for this outlet for my feelings because there are many things in my life that are too painful for me to talk out loud about. When I discuss certain times in my life that have caused me pain on my blog, it's because those things are sometimes the things I am most afraid to put a voice to, afraid I will be judged or condemned for. I truly appreciate all the non-judgemental offerings of love that have been sent my way over the last few days. I know that sometimes what I post will be offensive to some, that there will be topics that I wish to discuss that make some uncomfortable or will clash with your morals and values. I want to assure you all that I'm not in this for shock value or to provoke a war of righteousness. I need this space and you to help facilitate healing in my life. I need and appreciate the feedback and the different perspectives being offered to me. I need the input. Please realize that if I post about a topic that makes anyone uncomfortable that I am open to hear about what you say as long as the message is delivered with love. I am struggling with God. I am struggling with the loss of my son. I am struggling with baggage from my first marriage which was very unhealthy. I am truly tired of carting around all the pain in my life and am looking for ways to help deal with it. It's a process and this is only one avenue in my life that I am using to help myself. I truly want to thank you all for your support and emails. Hugs to all. With love, Margaret

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  1. Margaret, I have been silently reading your blog over the last couple of weeks and haven't commented yet. My heart aches everytime I read it, I cry everytime I read it, I get to know another piece about your past everytime I read it, and I feel that much closer to you - I am so glad you are sharing and I am so glad you have allowed me into this piece of you. I am so very sorry for the hurt you have gone through, I wish I could say something that would help, but all I can say is I love you and I am with you in this journey.

    Hugs, your 'sister' Trisha