Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Shane took Lorelei fishing for the first time today. I guess a couple of days ago when he was watching the golf channel, a commercial came on showing a little girl and her dad. The commercial said something along the lines of "Take me fishing, because it'll be my wedding sooner than you think". So, realizing how precious our time is with the kid while they're still little, Shane decided to go fishing. I'm glad for him and for Lorelei. When I was little, my parents were divorced and my dad was supposed to take me every second Saturday. Nine times out of ten, he wouldn't show up. I remember waiting by the window for him to drive up, and waiting, and waiting....then I'd get upset. He wouldn't call and the next time he did actually show up, he never mentioned why he hadn't been there the time before. Needless to say, my relationship with my dad was pretty much always strained. I always felt let down by him and after awhile, I started to see through his excuses. I love the fact that Shane is an attentive dad. I know he is missing Calvin alot right now, he actually slipped up when he was mentioning getting in some father/daughter time and said father/son. It made me sad for him. So, while he's out with Lorelei, Georgia and I get some good one on one time together. It's awesome. I wonder how things would have been if I had Calvin here too, if I would be able to handle two babies at the same time. I wonder if I'd be so stressed that I'd make Shane stay home...sometimes I envy the fact that he feels free to just get up and do whatever he wants. I always feel like I have to ask him to watch the girls if I want to go out, I never just go. Maybe I've just "created" that situation in my head, but I wonder how he'd react if I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door with a "just got some running around to do" thrown over my shoulder as I left. Maybe I should give it a whirl and see how it goes over. LOL Yeah right...In the meantime, Georgia and I are hanging out, she's rolling all over her crib, trying to crawl and I thought I'd take a few minutes and blog. So, that's my post for the creativity seems to have gone fishin' too....

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  1. How cute is that! My daughter loves fishing with her dad too :) She even loves putting the worms on the hooks..ew. and I totally think you should try the "I'll be back later" bit and go get some much needed YOU time :)